Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Making Sketchbooks.

Now I've never made a sketchbook like this before!

After such a long summer, our teacher's were conscious of the fact that many of us would be out of practise when it came to drawing; and so this exercise was designed to help loosen us up again, and prepare us for the rest of the year.

We were all given an A3 floppy sketchbook; then we were asked to 'edit' the pages.

We had to fold the pages vertically, and cut them horizontally.

Our teacher then gave us a range of set drawing instructions; and page by page we gradually filled our sketchbooks - everyone's being totally unique.

Our instructions were different every time;
- Draw with your left hand, you have 20 seconds
- Use a pencil and ink, do not take your pencil off the page unless it's to re-ink
- Tie two pencils together, find a partner, each hold one side and draw together


It was really good fun, and I actually quite fancy doing more! Some of the pages look awful, but you can get some really nice results, and it's all about learning what does and doesn't work.

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